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1 Mar 2020

Phenotyping occupational asthma caused by acrylates in a multicenter...

Suojalehto H, Suuronen K, Cullinan P, Lindström I, Sastre J, Walusiak-Skorupa J, Munoz X, Talini D, Klusackova P, Moore V, Merget R, Svanes C, Mason P, dell'Omo M, Moscato G, Quirce S, Hoyle J,...

27 Feb 2020

Validation of acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary...

Stone P, Sood N, Feary J, Roberts CM, Quint JK

1 Jan 2020

Relationships between airborne pollutants, serum albumin adducts and...

Preston GW, Dagnino S, Ponzi E, et al.

16 Dec 2019

MultiTex RCT - a multifaceted intervention package for protection...

Nafees AA, De Matteis S, Kadir MM, Burney P, Coggon D, Semple S, Cullinan P.

7 Dec 2019

Delayed occupational asthma from epoxy exposure

Brock Jacobsen I, Baelum J, Carstensen O, Skadhauge LR, Feary J, Cullinan P, Sherson DL

3 Dec 2019

Identifying causation in hypersensitivity pneumonitis: a British...

Barber CM, Burge PS, Feary JR, Parfrey H, Renzoni EA, Spencer LG, Walters GI, Wiggans RE; GB HP Survey Participants.

1 Dec 2019

The prognostic significance of weight loss in chronic obstructive...

Kwan HY, Maddocks M, Nolan CM, et al.

1 Dec 2019

Mesothelioma mortality in Great Britain: how much longer will...

Reynolds CJ, Minelli C, Darnton A, Cullinan P

1 Dec 2019

Different definitions of atopic dermatitis: Impact on prevalence...

Nakamura T, Haider S, Colicino S, Murray CS, Holloway J, Simpson A, Cullinan P, Custovic A; STELAR investigators.

29 Nov 2019

Heavy metals

Feary, J, Cullinan, P. (in press). Available online 26 November 2019