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Peak flows and other information

Peak flow recording 

You will be shown how to use a simple device known as a peak flow meter, and make "peak flow" measurements with it every two hours for about a month.

We appreciate that this requires quite a lot of work from you, but it is a very important test which helps us to reach a diagnosis in many cases.

Once you have completed your readings, please email your peak flow readings to us as soon as you can and before your next clinic appointment; so the clinical team has plenty of time to check the results before we next see you.

  • Download instructions on how to measure your peak flow readings and send the results to us here: Word or PDF format.
  • Download a peak flow diary for writing down all your measurements and other important information here: Word or PDF format.

Other investigations for Occupational Asthma

The following tests may be used in the assessment of suspected occupational asthma:


Other information about occupational lung disease