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For Referrers


Information for healthcare professionals


How to make a referral

We need a referral letter from any healthcare professional including:

  • occupational health advisors, nurses and physicians
  • primary care nurses and general practitioners
  • secondary care physicians, nurse specialists/consultants, physiotherapists and occupational therapists
  • private physicians

Please address the referral to Dr Joanna Szram or Dr Johanna Feary at the Occupational Lung Disease Clinic, either by email or post:

  • Email referrals: 
  • Post referrals to: Occupational Lung Disease Service, Royal Brompton Hospital, Sydney Street, London SW3 6NP

Please ensure to include the following details about the referred patient so we can process your referral promptly (if sent by letter, please use NHS Trust/company headed notepaper, as appropriate):

  •  Patient’s full name
  •  DOB
  •  NHS number
  •  Current address
  •  Telephone number
  •  GP details
  •  Copies of any relevant test data, including: spirometry, peak flows, imaging reports

If you unsure about a referral or have any queries about clinical cases or test results before making a referral to our service, you can contact our consultants Dr Johanna Feary and Dr Joanna Szram for advice by emailing

If you have any questions about how to make a referral, please email our administrative team at

We aim to see referred patients within 8 weeks of receiving a referral. We will try to see more urgent cases as soon as possible (on request).


Patient NHS eligibility

Please note, we see all patients registered within NHS England or Wales free of charge, and we do not do private work. If you are a patient registered within NHS England or Wales and have been asked to attend our clinic by your workplace nurse or doctor, please note that we do not take any fee from your employer; this allows us to give you entirely independent advice.
Unfortunately we are not able to see NHS patients registered in Scotland and Northern Ireland free of charge. For these referrals, please let us know who has agreed to finance this referral at the point of referral so we can provide an invoice.


Videos for patients and referrers 

  • We have made a short film for patients explaining what to expect from their clinic appointment [click on Vimeo [v] logo, bottom right of frame, to expand]:

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know here.


  • How to do spirometry - a short film without words:

without birthday hold screen -

  • with birthday hold screen -


Training opportunities 

We are proud of our department’s reputation as a centre for training and education in Occupational and Environmental Lung Diseases. If you would like to discuss these with us, or arrange to visit us, please email

We particularly welcome:

  • Occupational health nurses and advisors
  • Trainee doctors in allergy, occupational and respiratory medicine

We run courses and workshops to support health professionals involved in the care of individuals and workforces at risk of occupational lung disease.


Comments from referrers

"Clear opinion based on detailed assessment."

"Excellent, professional and unique service."

"I am very impressed with the service, and think your team are doing a fantastic job.  Our clients whom we refer are also impressed."

"I have used the service regularly for a few years, and it has always been excellent."

"We are very happy with the service level we receive, and enjoy working with you all. Thank you."