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About our laboratory

We are an ISO-accredited laboratory service dedicated to specific antibody and aeroallergen measurement for occupational and environmental issues. 

See our current BSI Certificate of Registration (ISO 9001:2015) here.

We provide a professional, specialist immunological service for the diagnosis of occupational lung disease in close collaboration with clinical colleagues from the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust.

The laboratory specialises in measuring specific IgE to all occupational allergens including those not commercially available, creating where necessary unique assays for each individual case.

Our Quality Policy can be seen here

We are the only UK site currently carrying out beryllium lymphocyte proliferation tests.

Please note: charges may be applicable to our specific IgE testing service, please contact Jennifer Canizales for further details.


Laboratory Staff


Clinical Work

  • Measurement of specific IgE and IgG antibodies to allergens
  • Extraction of allergens for measurement of specific IgE or IgG
  • Bespoke specific IgE assays for novel occupational and environmental allergens
  • Preparation of skin prick test solutions for use within our clinics
  • Precipitation assays for the measurement of specific IgG antibodies
  • T cell (lymphocyte) proliferation assays to beryllium
  • Allergen extraction from air filters
  • Rat n 1 and Mus m 1 aeroallergen measurements
  • Research and development of new diagnostic assays
  • Specialist advice on diagnostic assays and interpretation of results

More Information

We are constantly reviewing our service and looking to make improvements

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