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18 Jul 2019

The occupations at increased risk of COPD: analysis of lifetime job-...

De Matteis S, Jarvis D, Darnton A, Hutchings S, Sadhra S, Fishwick D, Rushton L, Cullinan P

20 Jun 2019

Laboratory animal allergy is preventable in modern research facilities

Feary JR, Schofield SJ, Canizales J, Fitzgerald B, Potts J, Jones M, Cullinan P

15 May 2019

Biallelic human ITCH variants causing a multisystem disease with...

Brittain HK, Feary J, Rosenthal M, Spoudeas H; Deciphering Developmental Disorders (DDD) Study, Wilson LC

1 Apr 2019

Validation of childhood asthma predictive tools: A systematic review

Colicino S, Munblit D, Minelli C, Custovic A, Cullinan P

15 Feb 2019

Exacerbation Patterns in Adults with Asthma in England. A Population-...

Bloom CI, Palmer T, Feary J, Quint JK, Cullinan P

7 Feb 2019

Gait speed and prognosis in patients with idiopathic pulmonary...

Nolan CM, Maddocks M, Maher TM, Banya W, Patel S, Barker RE, Jones SE, George PM, Cullinan P, Man WD.

1 Feb 2019

Identifying exceptional cystic fibrosis care services: combining...

MacNeill SJ, Pierotti L, Mohammed MA, Wildman M, Boote J, Harrison S, Carr SB, Cullinan P, Elston C, Bilton D

1 Feb 2019

Are high- and low-molecular-weight sensitizing agents associated with...

Vandenplas O, Godet J, Hurdubaea L, Rifflart C, Suojalehto H, Wiszniewska M, Munoz X, Sastre J, Klusackova P, Moore V, Merget R, Talini D, Svanes C, Mason P, dell'Omo M, Cullinan P, Moscato G,...

3 Jan 2019

Continuous laryngoscopy during provocation in the assessment of...

Hull JH, Walsted ES, Feary J, Cullinan P, Scadding G, Bailey E, Selby J.

26 Dec 2018

Sensitization in the UK Supreme Court [editorial]

Cullinan P, Nicholson PJ