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1 May 2020

Standardized epidemiological protocols for populations affected by...

Mueller W, Cowie H, Horwell C J, Baxter PJ, McElvenny D, Booth M, Cherrie JW, Cullinan P, Jarvis D, Ugarte C, Inoue H.

20 Apr 2020

Follow-up survey of patients with occupational asthma

Feary J, Cannon J, Fitzgerald B, Szram J, Schofield S, Cullinan P

12 Mar 2020

Pesticide exposure and lung function: a systematic review and meta-...

Ratanachina J, De Matteis S, Cullinan P, Burney P.

1 Mar 2020

Phenotyping occupational asthma caused by acrylates in a multicenter...

Suojalehto H, Suuronen K, Cullinan P, Lindström I, Sastre J, Walusiak-Skorupa J, Munoz X, Talini D, Klusackova P, Moore V, Merget R, Svanes C, Mason P, dell'Omo M, Moscato G, Quirce S, Hoyle J,...

1 Jan 2020

Relationships between airborne pollutants, serum albumin adducts and...

Preston GW, Dagnino S, Ponzi E, et al.

16 Dec 2019

MultiTex RCT - a multifaceted intervention package for protection...

Nafees AA, De Matteis S, Kadir MM, Burney P, Coggon D, Semple S, Cullinan P.

7 Dec 2019

Delayed occupational asthma from epoxy exposure

Brock Jacobsen I, Baelum J, Carstensen O, Skadhauge LR, Feary J, Cullinan P, Sherson DL

3 Dec 2019

Identifying causation in hypersensitivity pneumonitis: a British...

Barber CM, Burge PS, Feary JR, Parfrey H, Renzoni EA, Spencer LG, Walters GI, Wiggans RE; GB HP Survey Participants.

1 Dec 2019

Different definitions of atopic dermatitis: Impact on prevalence...

Nakamura T, Haider S, Colicino S, Murray CS, Holloway J, Simpson A, Cullinan P, Custovic A; STELAR investigators.

1 Dec 2019

The prognostic significance of weight loss in chronic obstructive...

Kwan HY, Maddocks M, Nolan CM, et al.