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26 Dec 2018

Sensitization in the UK Supreme Court [editorial]

Cullinan P, Nicholson PJ

1 Nov 2018

Short-term transcriptome and microRNAs responses to exposure to...

Espín-Pérez A, Krauskopf J, Chadeau-Hyam M, van Veldhoven K, Chung F, Cullinan P, et al.

1 Oct 2018

Effect of ambulatory oxygen on quality of life for patients with...

Visca D, Mori L, Tsipouri V, Fleming S …. Cullinan P, et al.

1 May 2018

Feasibility, utility and symptom impact of modified mindfulness...

Saketkoo LA, Karpinski A, Young J, Adell R, Walker McC, Hennebury T, Wickremasinghe M, Russell A-M

1 May 2018

Phenotypic characteristics associated with slow gait speed in...

Nolan CM, Maddocks M, Maher TM, Canavan JL, Jones SE, Barker RE, Patel S, Jacob J, Cullinan P, Man WD

1 Apr 2018

The human circulating miRNome reflects multiple organ disease risks...

Krauskopf J, Caiment F, van Veldhoven K, Chadeau-Hyam M, Sinharay R, Chung KF, Cullinan P, Collins P, Barratt B, Kelly FJ, Vermeulen R, Vineis P, de Kok TM, Kleinjans JC

1 Apr 2018

The classification of azodicarbonamide (ADCA) as a respiratory...

Suojalehto H, Malo JL, Cullinan P

1 Apr 2018

Exacerbation risk and characterisation of the UK's asthma...

Bloom CI, Nissen F, Douglas IJ, Smeeth L, Cullinan P, Quint JK.

15 Mar 2018

Barriers to influenza vaccination in healthcare workers

Pereira M, Williams S, Restrick L, Cullinan P, Hopkinson NS

1 Mar 2018

Contemporary challenges for specialist nursing in interstitial lung...

Russell AM, Olive S, Lines S, Murphy A, Hocking J, Newell K, Morris H, Harris E, Dixon C, Agnew S, Burge G