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RAF 100 Flypast takes place during Lung Function course!

10 July, 2018

Delegates at 'Lung Function in the Workplace - Introductory Level' on 10 July had an extra treat - during the lunch break, they were able to observe the centenary flypast to celebrate 100 years of the Royal Air Force.  Many delegates and staff members gathered outside to witness this, full of wonder at the helicopter which hovered in one position for the whole duration; the numerous planes which flew in perfect formation overhead, and the Red Arrows' red, white and blue smoke trails. 

The whole experience was very thrilling, and drew gasps of admiration from all who watched. 

The main image here - of the Red Arrows flying over St Luke's Church, Chelsea - was taken by Sindhu Sivagnanasithiyar, Jo Szram's former research student (who kindly assisted with the practical session of LFT Introductory Level).  Sindhu also took this photo: planes over the Marsden and the Brompton Hospitals.

An image of the Red Arrows, flying over one of the neighbouring Brompton Hospital buildings (also used as the thumbnail for this news item) - was taken by Jo Szram.

As this BBC news item explains, the flypast included three F-35 Lightning stealth fighters; and 22 Typhoons which spelled out '100' as they flew over Buckingham Palace (and right over our heads).

  • Next date for 'Lung Function in the Workplace - Introductory Level' is Wednesday 7 November; 2019 dates currently tbc.  No promises for a monumental event in November, though we'll try our best - come along and see!  Details can be seen here.