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Joanna Szram


Consultant Respiratory Physician (Occupational Lung Disease)

Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust

Occupational lung disease clinical service

  • Outpatient care and assessment of patients referred for:
    • Assessment of work-related respiratory symptoms
    • Pre-placement assessment of potential employees with respiratory disease
    • Assessment of potential employment consequences (current and future) of employees with chronic respiratory symptoms and disease
    • Investigation of respiratory symptoms related to environmental triggers such as allergens and chemicals
  • Inpatient specific inhalation challenge testing
  • High quality patient-focused care, particularly communication and technology to support the patient experience
  • Workplace clinics and visits, telephone consultations and specialist opinions on work-related respiratory issues

External Roles:

  • Member of the Group of Occupational Respiratory Disease Specialists (GORDS), working to align UK based occupational lung disease services with a focus on best practice and integrated care
  • Member of the British Thoracic Society Education and Training Committee and the Occupational and Environmental Specialist Advisory Group

Education and Training

  • Co-ordinator of departmental course and workshop programme and clinical training for:
    • occupational health, respiratory and allergy specialists
    • primary care health professionals
  • Focus on aspects of occupational lung disease and workplace respiratory surveillance, particularly spirometry to medical students and healthcare professionals

External Roles:

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Director of Medical Education, Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust

Current research interests:

  • population study based in Kent, examining the impact of respiratory symptoms and airflow obstruction (FEV1) on current and future employment in older workers
  • welding and lung disease, including the WELSHIP study

Employment issues in asthma and other respiratory diseases, including a BLF funded study of RAF serving personnel with asthma.