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1 Sep 2015

The need for patient-centred clinical research in idiopathic...

Russell AM, Sprangers MA, Wibberley S, Snell N, Rose DM, Swigris JJ.

1 Aug 2015

The Study Team for Early Life Asthma Research (STELAR) consortium...

Custovic A, Ainsworth J, Arshad H, Bishop C, Buchan I, Cullinan P, Devereux G, Henderson J, Holloway J, Roberts G, Turner S, Woodcock A, Simpson A.

1 Aug 2015

Occupational asthma from a horticultural nematode, Steinernema feltiae

Feary J, Cannon J, Tarzi M, Wincell S, Welch J, Cullinan P

1 Jun 2015

Changes in atopy prevalence and sibship effect in rural population at...

Sozańska B, Pearce N, Błaszczyk M, Boznański A, Cullinan P.

1 May 2015

Year in review 2014: basic science and epidemiology.

Cullinan P, Lloyd CM.

1 Apr 2015

Occupational asthma from tafenoquine in the pharmaceutical industry:...

Cannon J, Fitzgerald B, Seed M, Agius R, Jiwany A, Cullinan P.

1 Mar 2015

Longitudinal change in collagen degradation biomarkers in idiopathic...

Jenkins RG, Simpson JK, Saini G, Bentley JH, Russell AM, Braybrooke R, Molyneaux PL, McKeever TM, Wells AU, Flynn A, Hubbard RB, Leeming DJ, Marshall RP, Karsdal MA, Lukey PT, Maher TM.

15 Jan 2015

Lung cancer risk among bricklayers in a pooled analysis of case-...

Consonni D, De Matteis S, Pesatori AC, Bertazzi PA, Olsson AC, Kromhout H, Peters S, Vermeulen RC et al.

1 Jan 2015

Impact of an asbestos cement factory on mesothelioma incidence:...

Mensi C, Riboldi L, De Matteis S, Bertazzi PA, Consonni D