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Susie Schofield

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Medical Statistician

National Heart and Lung Institute (Imperial College London)

Current Research Interests

  • ADVANCE study -  a 20 year cohort study, investigating a wide range of outcomes relating to combat injury
  • Grenfell study - a study investigating the long term adverse health effects of exposure to fire smoke at the Grenfell Fire
  • Lungs at Work study - examining the impact of respiratory symptoms and airflow obstruction (FEV1) on several thousand 50-70 year old adults in Kent and their present and future employment. 
  • SPIRAL study

Statistical analysis of data from studies of:

  • birth cohorts of asthma and allergy in children (Asthma in Ashford)
  • congenital cardiac defects and IVF and other assisted reproductive techniques
  • COPD prognostic tests in clinical assessment


  • MSc