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GORDS meeting - held at the Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, Sheffield

13 June, 2017

The June 2017 GORDS (Group of Occupational Respiratory Disease Specialists) meeting was held at the Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, Sheffield.  Attendees included Professor AJ Newman Taylor, Sara De Matteis and Julie Cannon

As always, a wide range of topics was covered: from ‘Lung cancer and silica exposure’ to ‘St Spiro for agnostics’, and a presentation regarding the HSE Science Plan - to name but a few. 

A guided tour of the Abbeydale Industrial Museum took place at lunchtime - where some GORDS members are pictured inspecting a Victorian waterwheel (right; our thanks to Professor Sherwood Burge for this photograph). 

We are very grateful to our Sheffield colleagues for arranging this event; especially at such an appropriate location. 

We look forward to future GORDS meetings, held three times a year, which take place in Manchester on 13 October, and Birmingham on 8 February 2018.

  • Information on GORDS can be found here.