Practical session at a 'Lung Function Testing in the Workplace - Introductory Level' course

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Brompton Occupational Lung Disease training

Paul CullinanJo Szram and Jo Feary continue to support specialty trainees in respiratory and occupational medicine by delivering one day regional training days in Occupational Lung Disease, rotating through a number of UK regions on a three-yearly basis.

Dates by training region are below (each held virtually, as half days); please contact your programme director for venue and timings:

London                  7 July 2020

Oxford                   24 September 2020

Various regions      13 January 2021

For enquiries regarding delivering similar events, please contact us here.


A key part of our clinical mission is the sharing of our knowledge to raise awareness of occupational lung disease through education and training, so that what we learn can help patients everywhere.

We are also committed to supporting learning in key statistical and epidemiological concepts and methods, to aid researchers in understanding and transmitting their findings.

We run a variety of scheduled educational events, courses and workshops to support these aims; please see further information below.

Bespoke, offsite training sessions in topics related to our formal events and tailored to the audience are also available on request; please contact us to discuss your learning needs.

- Where forthcoming dates are not yet announced, please contact us for further information. 

NB:   'Lung Function Testing in the Workplace' (Introductory and Intermediate) courses are on hold, pending a return to face-to-face events.  Priority will be given to applicants from deferred dates.* 

Please keep an eye on our course details for updates.  

* Introductory: 13 March and 1 July 2020;  Intermediate: 21 April and 23 June 2020

Please note:

All places are first-come, first-served.

Registration fees are VAT-exempt, and (when held 'on person') include handout, lunch and refreshments

Booking methods:

  • Please note that all bookings are now online, via card payments; we no longer issue invoices.  

Lung Function Testing:

  • Those wishing to attend LFT Introductory or Intermediate (when in-person) are asked to complete a precourse questionnaire first; please contact us for further information; booking details are sent on receipt of the questionnaire.  Booking links for LFT courses will not be listed on our website.


  • Those who transfer to a later date (assuming that space is available) will be asked to pay whatever fee applies for that future course …
  • … For our annual courses, and those held twice a year, however: if people wish to change date, we will ask you to cancel your place and re-book later, if space is available (we can only transfer people to events which have funding codes, and these are usually not available far in advance).

Accreditation awarded/sought:

  • Webinars: Royal College of Physicians
  • Occupational Health courses: Faculty of Occupational Medicine
  • Medical Statistics courses: Royal College of Physicians

Current Courses

To view our events, please follow the links below: