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Visit of Mateusz Kotecki from Poland

21 January, 2016

Last summer, our team hosted Mateusz Kotecki - a medical student at Medical University of Lodz (Poland), with a special interest in respiratory medicine; particularly sarcoidosis. During his...

Annual Allied Health Professionals, Health Care Scientists & Nurses Research Poster Event

9 November, 2015

Congratulations to our Research Assistant Jennifer Canizales, who won first prize in her category at this year’s '9th Annual Allied Health Professionals, Health Care Scientists & Nurses...

Occupational Asthma Hazard Resource programme developed by COEH at the University of Manchester

1 November, 2015

The Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health at the University of Manchester has developed an Occupational Asthma Hazard Resource programme.  Details on the programme, and also the...

Occupational Lung Disease: Keeping Up to Date

22 September, 2015

‘Occupational Lung Disease – Keeping Up to Date’ was held on Tuesday 22 September at the National Heart and Lung Institute (Imperial College), London SW3.  £175 registration fee. 


Occupational Asthma Study Day features in Royal Brompton Hospital internal magazine

1 May, 2015

Our ‘Occupational Asthma Study Day’, held on 21 April 2015, is one of two study days featured in the Royal Brompton Hospital’s "What’s New" magazine. 

In the thumbnail image, Julie Cannon,...

South West Occupational Health Nurses' Group Conference

23 April, 2015

Jo Szram speaks on “Occupational Asthma” at this Conference, held at the Sandy Park Conference Centre, Exeter.  The audience will comprise approximately 50 Occupational Health Nurses, from both...

9th UK and Ireland Conference on Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology (9OEEM) - Oxford

16 April, 2015

Sara De Matteis attended the 9th UK and Ireland Conference on Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology (9OEEM), held in Oxford, UK.  This is an international scientific meeting, held each year...

Julie Cannon profiled in Royal Brompton Hospital magazine 'In Touch'

1 April, 2015

Julie Cannon, Clinical Nurse Specialist, is profiled in Royal Brompton Hospital's "In Touch" leaflet; Spring 2015 issue.  Julie talks about how she chose nursing as a career, her 25 years' work in...

Health and Wellbeing at Work, 3-4 March 2015 - NEC, Birmingham

4 March, 2015

Jo Szram speaks on 'Occupational Lung Disease Update: Workplace Surveillance and Case Management', Wednesday 4 March 2015, 9.45-10.15am.  Part of 'Worker Health Protection and the Environment'...

Respiratory medicine update - 27 January 2015

27 January, 2015

Designed to bring busy clinicians up-to-date in respiratory medicine in just one day, this conference will cover topics the medical team would most likely see on call in 2015, presented by experts...