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Jate Ratanachina interviewed by BBC News Thai

15 April, 2020

Jate Ratanachina was interviewed by the BBC News Thai editor; Jate gave a brief summary and update on the COVID-19 situation in the UK, addressing the government’s measures, epidemiology,...

Paul Cullinan to speak at 'Health and Wellbeing at Work 2020' conference, Birmingham NEC, 11 March 2020

11 March, 2020

On 11 March, Paul Cullinan, will speak at the 'Health and Wellbeing at Work 2020' conference, Birmingham NEC (conference dates 10-11 March); details are as follows:

Programme:  Health...

Jo Szram presents NSOH Training webinar

27 February, 2020

Jo Szram, in her role as Deputy Postgraduate Dean, Health Education England (HEE) South London, presented an NSOH training webinar entitled 'Occupational lung diseases: the lungs at work'. 


Jate Ratanachina presents at MRC Training Programme Annual Meeting, KCL, London

4 December, 2019

Jate Ratanachina presented 'Studies on agricultural exposure and respiratory health' at the MRC Centre for Environment and Health 'Training Programme Annual Meeting', held at KCL, London.


BTS Winter Meeting, London, 4-6 December

4 December, 2019

A number of colleagues attended and presented at the BTS Winter Meeting, held at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London, 4-6 December 2019.

Details can be accessed via the conference website...

Jo Feary speaks at the Royal College of Physicians Acute and General Medicine conference

28 October, 2019

Jo Feary was delighted to have the opportunity to speak at the Royal College of Physicians Acute and General Medicine conference, held 28 to 30 October at the Royal College of Physicians, London...

Paul Cullinan to teach on NIVA course on 'Occupational Respiratory Diseases', Sweden

22 October, 2019

Paul Cullinan will present his lectures entitled 'Global view on Occupational Respiratory Disease' and 'Novel technologies in prevention and surveillance' at the NIVA course on Occupational...

Jo Szram to speak at West Country Chest Society and Royal College of Physicians Annual Meeting 2019

18 October, 2019

Jo Szram has been invited by the Royal College of Physicians (Wales) to speak on 'How to detect and manage occupational lung disease' at the West Country Chest Society and Royal College of...

ERS Congress 2019 - Madrid - 28 September to 2 October

28 September, 2019

Paul Cullinan, Sara De Matteis, Jate Ratanachina, Carl Reynolds and Jo Szram attended the ERS Congress in Madrid. 


1. The following paper was judged one of the best published in...

Jo Feary presents on the challenges of HP

13 September, 2019

Johanna Feary was invited by the Cambridge ILD Service to talk on the challenges of hypersensitivity pneumonitis at the East Anglia ILD network meeting, held at the British Racing School ...