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Online UK GORDS meeting - July 2021

8 July, 2021

Paul Cullinan, Jo Szram and Jo Feary attended an online meeting of GORDS.  The national Group of Occupational Respiratory Disease Specialists (GORDS) meets three times a year, to discuss current...

Jo Feary presents webinar: 'Asthma mimics: how to spot them in the occupational lung disease clinic'

1 July, 2021

Jo Feary presented a webinar entitled 'Asthma mimics: how to spot them in the occupational lung disease clinic' for the Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health (COEH), University of...

Jo Feary speaks at BTS Summer Meeting

17 June, 2021

On 17 June, Jo Feary presented 'Emerging health issues due to silica exposure' at the BTS Summer meeting.

This two-day meeting is being held virtually on 17-18 June.  Event details can be...

14th UK & Ireland Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Society annual meeting (virtual)

3 June, 2021

We are pleased to inform you of the 14th UK & Ireland Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Society annual meeting; an event with which our colleagues have a long association. 


National guidance for restarting spirometry

6 May, 2021

National guidance for restarting spirometry is now available. 

A Task and Finish group established by the NHS England and NHS Improvement Clinical Policy Unit, working with ARTP and PCRS...

Jo Szram to speak at Respiratory Medical Workforce Webinar (BTS)

29 April, 2021

Jo Szram is among the speakers at the BTS's Respiratory Medical Workforce Webinar, to be held on 29 April, 3-5pm. 

Further details on BTS webinars can be seen here: https://www.brit-...

'Health and Wellbeing at Work 2021' virtual conference

16 March, 2021

Paul Cullinan, Joanna Szram and Johanna Feary will present 'Lungs at Work: occupational lung disease during and after the pandemic' at the Health and Wellbeing at Work virtual conference (15-19...

Jo Feary gives online talk re. Covid-19 to Nestlé

11 March, 2021

Johanna Feary gave an update regarding Covid-19 to Occupational Health staff at Nestlé in York.  Everyone much appreciated Jo's talk.  

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

BTS short course in Occupational & Environmental Lung Disease

8 March, 2021

Paul Cullinan (co-organiser with Dr Chris Barber, Centre for Workplace Health, Sheffield), Joanna Szram and Johanna Feary are involved with this event.

Please see the links below for...

Jo Feary talks to UCL OH about LAA protocols

4 March, 2021

Jo Feary spoke to UCL Occupational Health staff about lab animal allergy protocols.  Her advice was much appreciated by the staff.  

Photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash