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RAF 100 Flypast takes place during Lung Function course!

10 July, 2018

Delegates at 'Lung Function in the Workplace - Introductory Level' on 10 July had an extra treat - during the lunch break, they were able to observe the centenary flypast to celebrate 100 years of...

GORDS meeting - held at the Discovery Museum, Newcastle

19 June, 2018

The June 2018 GORDS (Group of Occupational Respiratory Disease Specialists) meeting was held at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle.  Attendees from our department were Sara De Matteis and Carl...

Jo Feary presents at BTS Summer Meeting, Manchester

14 June, 2018

Jo Feary is an elected member of the British Thoracic Society Specialist Advisory Group on Occupational and Environmental Disease.

As part of her role, she gave a talk at the BTS Summer...

Jo Szram to speak at Challenges of Managing Respiratory Disease meeting, London

7 June, 2018

Jo Szram will speak on 'Occupational Asthma' at 'The Challenges of Managing Respiratory Disease' meeting, to be held on Thursday 7 June (1.30-7.30pm) at the Royal...

CME webinar - 'Breathe easy: all you need to know about interpreting spirometry in primary care' (8pm start)

21 May, 2018

Dr Jo Szram will present a CME webinar (equivalent to 1 CPD point), hosted by Webinars for GPs, entitled ‘Breathe easy: all you need to know about interpreting spirometry in primary care' (at 8pm...

Jo Feary interviewed by 'Guardian' newspaper for asbestos podcast

18 May, 2018

Jo Feary was interviewed by the Guardian newspaper for a 'Science Weekly' podcast on the topic of asbestos.

The panel also included Dr Jessica Van Horssen, an asbestos historian from Leeds...

Prof AJ Newman Taylor and Dr Sara De Matteis speak at ‘II International Asbestos Seminar: a workers’ health approach' in Brazil

15 May, 2018

Professor Sir Anthony Newman Taylor and Sara De Matteis [pictured left, presenting her talk ‘Global asbestos-related disease burden’] spoke to support the cause of a...

Jo Feary speaks at ICOH 2018, Dublin

30 April, 2018

Johanna Feary was invited to speak at the International Commission of Occupational Health congress held this year in Dublin.

The ICOH congress is one of the world’s largest international...

Sally-Anne Evans drops in for an OH chat

26 April, 2018

Sally-Anne Evans, an independent OH Advisor from Gloucestershire, visited us for a quick brush-up on all things OH. 

She said: "A lovely 90 minutes quick stop for coffee, biscuits and...

Colleagues attend Environmental & Occupational Epidemiology and Exposure Science Meetings, LSHTM

23 April, 2018

A number of colleagues attended the ‘11th UK & Ireland Environmental & Occupational Epidemiology Conference’ and '6th UK & Ireland Exposure Science Meeting', held at the London School...