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Delayed occupational asthma from epoxy exposure

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7 Dec 2019


Occup Med (Lond). 2019 Dec 7;69(7):511-514.


Brock Jacobsen I, Baelum J, Carstensen O, Skadhauge LR, Feary J, Cullinan P, Sherson DL

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BACKGROUND: A delayed asthma reaction occurring several hours after exposure is difficult to diagnose. AIMS: To confirm a delayed asthma reaction in five workers following epoxy exposure. CASE REPORT: Working conditions with exposure to epoxy encountered at the workplace were reproduced in a challenge chamber. Specific inhalation challenge (SIC) with epoxy was compared to a control challenge. All five cases had delayed a asthma response 6-15 h after epoxy exposure. CONCLUSIONS: Our study confirms that SIC is a useful tool in diagnosing delayed asthma response.