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Lalji Varsani


  • +44 (0)20 7594 7905

Database Analyst

National Heart and Lung Institute (Imperial College London)

Lalji is a Database Analyst for the Armed Services Trauma Rehabilitation (ADVANCE) Study. The ADVANCE Study is a 20-year project looking at the physical and psychological consequences of serious battlefield trauma in a cohort of 1,200 UK Armed Forces combat veterans.

Lalji is a member of a cross-site multi-disciplinary team responsible for: 

  • developing electronic tools for data collection
  • coordinating, developing and optimising project databases
  • ensuring adequate checks on data quality
  • safe storage of data and making it accessible to partner organisations

Details on this study can be seen in our Research section, under the heading 'ADVANCE'. 

For further information, please also see:

Lalji has a broad range of technical skills as an IT professional, specialising in Relational Database technologies such as Oracle and MS SQL Server hosted on Windows and UNIX platforms.