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Jate Ratanachina


PhD student

National Heart and Lung Institute (Imperial College London)

Jate is a medical doctor from Chulalongkorn Medical School in Thailand. 

He completed his Doctor of Medicine and subsequent MSc in Health Research and Management at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. He started a PhD in Clinical Medicine Research programme at Imperial College London in 2017.

Jate's ongoing research at Population Health and Occupational Disease, National Heart and Lung Institute is entitled “The Influence of Occupational Exposures on Respiratory Health with a Specific Focus on Low- and Middle-income Countries”. It aims to translate associations between the health effects of occupational and environmental variables, particularly in the context of agricultural sectors in developing countries, and the progression of chronic lung diseases by both epidemiological and toxicological studies. 

 His PhD research is under the supervision of Professor Peter GJ Burney and Professor Paul Cullinan.