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Third "EuroGORDS meeting" - held in London

5 February, 2019

Our third “EuroGORDS” meeting was held at the Royal Brompton Hospital, Fulham Road, London.  A wide range of topics was addressed:

  • intriguing cases from Leuven (Prof Ben Nemery and colleagues); Birmingham (Prof Sherwood Burge and Meinir Jones); Manchester (Jennie Hoyle and Huda Badri); and the Brompton (Paul Cullinan and Johanna Feary) - all prompting much discussion
  • Carl Reynolds' Mapping Mesothelioma project
  • Jate Ratanachina's Systematic review of pesticide exposure and lung function [pictured right]
  • Chris Barber's HP Survey

All agreed that the day was particularly informative and produtive. We look forward to future meetings - the next is to be held in Sheffield on 3 July.  We thank our prospective hosts in advance!

Image credit: Jo Feary

  • Further information on GORDS (Group of Occupational Respiratory Disease Specialists) can be found here.