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New grants awarded to the ADVANCE Study

20 December, 2021

Earlier this year two new grants were awarded to the Armed Services Trauma Rehabilitation Outcome Study (ADVANCE) by the Headley Court Charity. One of the grants is for looking at traumatic brain injury (TBI) in ADVANCE participants, and the other one is for analysing proteins and metabolities in ADVANCE participants’ blood samples. Paul Cullinan is a co-investigator on both grants, and Grace Blissitt is a research assistant on the TBI grant.

The 'ADVANCE TBI' study is led by Professor David Sharp, and his team will be using state-of-the-art techniques to look at long-term brain health in the ADVANCE participants, in hope that the results will inform disease prevention in the future.

The 'ADVANCE omics' project is led by Professor Marc Dumas. His team will be using proteomics and metabolomics technologies to look at biochemical blood markers to establish the molecular signatures of injury and predict its long-term evaluation.