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Melanie Chesnokov presents seminar on work of ADVANCE Study

13 December, 2017

Melanie Chesnokov presents a seminar to our group on the work of the ADVANCE study, 13 December 2017

Melanie Chesnokov (on the left in this image), Senior Project Manager of the ADVANCE Study, gave a seminar to our department on the work of the study.  The talk was co-presented by Melanie’s Research Assistant, Sarah Evans (based at King’s College London; Sarah is considering undertaking a PhD related to ADVANCE). 

This is a 20-year study investigating the long-term medical and psychosocial outcomes of battlefield casualties from Iraq and Afghanistan (2003-2014).  The study also supports these injured men during and after their transition into civilian life.  Currently based at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC) at Headley Court near Epsom, the study plans to move when the DMRC relocates to Stanford Hall, Leicestershire, in summer 2018. 

Melanie and Sarah summarised ADVANCE's background and aims, and its findings to date, covering aspects such as inclusion and control criteria, and primary and secondary outcomes (in outline: cardiovascular risk, musculoskeletal diseases, mental health outcomes and mortality).

The presentation included a number of vivid battlefield and casualty images, one of which can be seen here (a striking view of casualties being airlifted out of a battle zone by helicopter).   

ADVANCE receives financial support from Help for Heroes, the MOD and HM Treasury (via the Libor Fund). 

The Investigators for this Study are as follows:

  • Gp Capt Alex Bennett – MSK disease & rehabilitation: DMRC Headley Court
  • Lt Col (rtd.) Christopher Boos – CVD: Bournemouth University
  • Prof Paul Cullinan – respiratory disease & epidemiology: Imperial College London
  • Prof Anthony Bull – bioengineering: Imperial College London
  • Prof Nicola Fear - mental health & epidemiology: King’s College London

Further details on ADVANCE can be seen here.