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Joint winner of SOM 'occupational health at work' photo competition

7 February, 2019

Our department are one of two winners of the Society of Occupational Medicine's competition for images which, in their words, "bring to life the incredible breadth and diversity of OH ... [and] give people working in OH a sense of pride when they look at them, and others a better understanding of what public health is". 

The competition was judged by a panel of senior OH professionals. 

The two winning photos will be featured in the SOM's annual report, on their website, and in their next eNewsletter. 

The image was kindly supplied to us by Hille Suojalehto, Adjunct Professor at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Helsinki.  Our dept is in regular contact with the FIOH, and two colleagues visited their new purpose-built challenge facility in 2016 - see our news item on this.

Hille explains that the photo - entitled Violinist allergic to rosin - "illustrates a specific inhalation challenge to test a violinist’s occupational asthma to rosin.  She rubbed rosin on the bow and played the violin in the challenge chamber.  The skin was well protected, as she would also get skin symptoms from rosin.  The test was positive and she was diagnosed with occupational asthma."

Permission has been received from the violinist to use this photo.

  • See here for further information on the SOM.