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Jo Szram to speak at Respiratory Medical Workforce Webinar (BTS)

29 April, 2021

Welding image, to illustrate talks on respiratory health

Jo Szram is among the speakers at the BTS's Respiratory Medical Workforce Webinar, to be held on 29 April, 3-5pm. 

Further details on BTS webinars can be seen here:

Summary: You can now book your place to attend the joint meeting of the BTS Education and Training Committee, BTS Workforce and Service Development Committee, the Respiratory Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC) and Specialty Trainees Representatives.  This is intended to be an informal, interactive webinar which will include presentations and a Q&A session. The meeting will be held on Zoom.

Short presentations from the faculty will form the first part of the meeting and you will hear about BTS activities in relation to education and workforce, and about respiratory specialty training. There will be a significant focus on allowing you to interact with the faculty and ask any questions you may have in relation to training during the pandemic and beyond. 

This meeting is open to all, BTS members and non-members alike.    

How to book
The meeting is free to attend, but you are requested to register in advance via this link.

  • Image credit: photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash