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ERS Congress 2020 - 7-9 September 2020 (to be held virtually)

7 September, 2020

The ERS Congress is being held virtually this year.  Ouc colleagues' involvement is as follows: 

  • E-poster session - Occupational and environmental causes of respiratory disease:

- Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) in aluminium welders: Johanna Feary, Helen Parfrey, Sherwood Burge, Andrew G Nicholson, Anand Devaraj, Paul Cullinan

  • E-poster session - Occupational exposure as a cause of respiratory disease:

- Breathing pattern disorder masquerading as occupational asthma: Johanna Feary, Julie Cannon, Paul Cullinan
- Farming and respiratory health: a cross-sectional study in Thailand: Jate Ratanachina, Andre Amaral, Sara De Matteis, Paul Cullinan, Peter Burney

  • Oral presentation - Workplace and outdoor air quality: from sensitisation to social media:

Monday 7 Sept: IPF risk: two's company, three's a crowd? Asbestos exposure, cigarette smoke, and MUC5B promoter polymorphism rs35705950. Findings from the idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis job exposures study (IPFJES): Carl Reynolds, Vyshnavi Thanaraaj, Rupa Sisodia, Chris Barber, Paul Cullinan

  • Oral presentation - Genetic and environmental influences on development of asthma and COPD:

Wednesday 9 Sept: Interaction between VGDF exposure and antioxidant genes on COPD in UK Biobank: Diana van der Plaat, Sara De Matteis, Steven Sadhra, Debbie Jarvis, Paul Cullinan, Cosetta Minelli.


Information about the conference can be accessed here, and the programme can be accessed here.  


- Main image: Jate presents 'Pesticide exposure and lung function: a systematic review and meta-analysis' - ERS 2019.