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ERS Congress 2019 - Madrid - 28 September to 2 October

28 September, 2019

Jate Ratanachina presents at the ERS Congress 2019, held in Madrid, 28 September to 2 October

Paul Cullinan, Sara De Matteis, Jate Ratanachina, Carl Reynolds and Jo Szram attended the ERS Congress in Madrid. 


1. The following paper was judged one of the best published in the European Respiratory Journal this year:

- De Matteis S, Jarvis D, Darnton A, Hutchings S, Sadhra S, Fishwick D, Rushton L, Cullinan P.  The occupations at increased risk of COPD: analysis of lifetime job-histories in the population-based UK Biobank Cohort.  Eur Respir J. 2019 Jul 18;54(1). pii: 1900186.


2. Our colleagues' involvement was as follows:

Joint Chairs

  • Paul Cullinan - Thematic poster session: 'Air pollution and the lungs'
  • Sara De Matteis - Occupational and epidemiology Grand Round: 'Think breathing, think work! How and why to consider the role of occupational exposures when assessing respiratory disease patients'


  • 'Does the level of specific IgE to occupational allergens relate to the diagnosis of occupational asthma? A study in bakers and laboratory animal workers' - Paul Cullinan, Meinir Jones, Julie Cannon, Winston Banya
  • 'Pesticide exposure and lung function: a systematic review and meta-analysis' - Jate Ratanachina, Sara De Matteis, Paul Cullinan, Peter Burney [main image]
  • 'Mesothelioma mortality in Great Britain: how much longer will dockyards dominate?' - Carl Reynolds, Andrew Darnton, Paul Cullinan


  • Paul Cullinan: 'Occupational asthma: classical and novel causes and diagnostic approaches' in Postgraduate course: 'Traditional and modern clinical approaches for diagnosis and management of occupational airways diseases' [see photo here]

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  • Credits: photos - Jate Ratanachina; info and image re. ERJ article - Sara De Matteis