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ERS Congress 2018 - Paris

15 September, 2018

Paul Cullinan, Sara De Matteis, Johanna Feary, Jate Ratanachina, Carl Reynolds and Anne Marie Russell attended the ERS Congress in Paris (15-19 September); details on their participation is below (click on the links for images) -

  • Paul co-chaired Thematic Poster sessions entitled 'Occupational and environmental lung diseases: mechanisms, biomarkers and causation' and 'Occupational and environmental lung diseases: inhaled air quality and health effects'; and also presented 'Epidemiological evidence for air pollution being a risk factor for transplant failure' in the Symposium 'Air pollution and transplantation: near to one's heart and lungs!'
  • Sara chaired with Dr David Fishwick and Dr Frederic de Blay the Hot Topics session entitled 'Cleaning agent exposures: are they really harmful to lung health?', which was well attended and received.  Sara also discussed her poster on 'Cleaning products and respiratory health effects in professional cleaners: A systematic review', and gave a talk on 'Update of the British Occupational Health Research Foundation (BOHRF) guidelines on occupational asthma'
  • Jo discussed her posters 'Is 'take-out' allergen detectable in laboratory animal facilities?' and 'Evidence based Code of Best Practice for animal research facilities: results of the SPIRAL study' in the 'Occupational and environmental lung diseases: asthma and the airways' section
  • Anne Marie spoke in the 'Interstitial lung disease: an interdisciplinary approach - Translating quality standards from paper to practice‘ symposium, which included the voice of a patient diagnosed with IPF. Anne Marie talked about 'Patient Reported Outcomes and Patient Reported Experience measures in patient centered ILD care'.  See photo here.  She also co-chaired a Thematic Poster session entitled 'Contemporary respiratory care: symptoms, the role of the nurse and the organisation of care Disease(s): Respiratory infections'.

- Main image: Sara presents her Update on BOHRF Guidelines

- Photos by Jate Ratanachina