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BSACI 2017 - Telford International Centre

2 October, 2017

On 2 October, Paul Cullinan will speak at the BSACI 2017 conference (1-3 October) at the Telford International Centre, Shropshire, on 'Allergen exposure in the workplace', as part of the session entitled 'Allergen and irritant exposure in the 21st century'. 

The 2017 programme covers a broad range of topics – asthma, eczema, drug allergy, rhinology and food allergy amongst others. There will be a particular focus on anaphylaxis – incidence, thresholds and co-factors, pathophysiology, differential diagnosis and mast cell syndromes. Also discussed will be the interaction between sleep and allergy, identifying immunodeficiency in clinical practice, the effects of pollution on allergic disease, clinical commissioning, and disease modification and prevention. The speakers include expert clinicians, basic scientists, primary care physicians, nurses and dieticians.

The programme can be seen here, and Invited Speakers here.