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Occupational Lung Disease - Keeping up to Date

Category: clinical

13 September, 2016

Image of workman inspecting a drill - used to illustrate 'Occupational Lung Disease - Keeping up to Date ', 13 September 2016

Course fee - £175 including handout, lunch and refreshments. 

Brief description - Update your knowledge of contemporary occupational lung disease at our one day conference.  Hear from experts in their field, covering themes relevant to current occupational health practice, addressing diverse topics such as “new” occupational respiratory diseases, threats to respiratory health in the workplace and controversies in current management of the lungs at work.  Designed for and delivered by practising occupational health practitioners, respiratory and allergy specialists.  Covering key competencies in occupational and respiratory medicine and allergy.

Guest speakers and current lecture titles -

  • Dr Chris Barber (Northern General Hospital, Sheffield): ‘Asbestosis and IPF: same difference?’
  • Professor Raymond Agius (University of Manchester): ‘Chemical determinants of occupational lung disease’
  • Lt. Col. Andy Johnston (Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham): 'Blast and ballistic trauma to the lungs'
  • Professor Neil Pearce (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine): ‘Occupational lung carcinogens and IARC: interpreting evidence and causality’
  • Dr Laura Crawford (Health Management Ltd., London) and Dr Phillip James (Royal Brompton Hospital, London) ‘How to learn from a workplace outbreak: where science and practice meet’

... and the day will also include talks from the Faculty:

Suitable for - Practising occupational health practitioners, respiratory and allergy specialists

Accreditation - Please see 'Introduction' above.

Feedback -

"Excellent presentations. Very relevant to my everyday OH practice."

"Excellent speakers. Very good – interesting arguments."

"Each presentation was excellent and informative."  

"An excellent, informative update which will certainly inform my practice back at work.  Thank you!"

"Great; good pace and case histories to illustrate conditions." 

"Very relevant to my own practice, and topical at present in my case management load."

"Format is ideal."