Practical session at a 'Lung Function Testing in the Workplace - Introductory Level' course

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Occupational Asthma Study Day

Category: clinical

19 April, 2016

Colleagues preparing for challenge testing - to illustrate 'Occupational Asthma Study Day', 19 April 2016

Course fee - £175, including handout, lunch and refreshments. 

A comprehensive, clinically focused, case-based study day delivered by the staff of the busiest occupational lung disease service in the UK. The programme includes a mixture of case presentations, discussions on the evidence-base, guidance and good practice in occupational asthma and the potential pitfalls in diagnosis and management of the disease and the workforce at risk. Includes practical demonstrations of key investigations including a tour of the challenge lab – the birthplace of occupational inhalation testing. 

Especially suitable for Occupational Health Advisors/Nurses, Respiratory Specialist Nurses and Primary Care Nurses with an interest in asthma management.

Accreditation - Please see 'Introduction' above.

Feedback -

"A very high standard as usual"

"All were excellent"

"Useful insight into case histories"

"Brilliant handouts – great to keep for future reference"

"Saw the challenge labs, and discussed recent cases – very useful"

"Very interesting to see/hear a story from the patient’s perspective"