Practical session at a 'Lung Function Testing in the Workplace - Introductory Level' course

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Lung Function Testing in the Workplace - Introductory Level

Category: clinical

11 July, 2019


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For those embarking on spirometry in the workplace, this course covers: an introduction to respiratory physiology; (hands on) practicalities of spirometry; simple interpretation of results; discussion of respiratory surveillance in the workplace for short- and long-latency respiratory diseases; quality control.

NB: we can only accommodate 15 delegates on each course.  Places offered on first-come, first-served basis.

Course fee - £175, including handout, lunch and refreshments

Suitable for - Occupational Health professionals (including Occupational Health technicians) who have limited (or no) experience of spirometry.  This event is not thought suitable for Physicians.

Accreditation - Please see 'Introduction' above.

Venue (map can be viewed here; photos on page 2) -

National Heart and Lung Institute

Education Centre, Seminar Room A

Guy Scadding Building

Dovehouse Street

London SW3 6LY

Feedback -

"Never done spirometry before, therefore in my estimation I believe that the overall session was a blast"

"It’s so nice to know how to do spirometry and to understand"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course; thank you.  It was excellent and perfect for my role.  I have come away with a strong understanding of the role of spirometry in the workplace”

"I think it’s brilliant. I would highly recommend this to others"

"All teaching was fantastic and explained all aspects of the tests"

"I enjoyed all sessions – will be booking again and referring to member of staff.  Excellent handouts and presentations."

"Very interesting technical information and use of different types of spirometers. Also doing it yourself on machines. Case studies excellent for learning"

  •  Photo: a practical spirometry session in progress