Practical session at a 'Lung Function Testing in the Workplace - Introductory Level' course

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Lung Function Testing in the Workplace - Intermediate Level

Category: clinical

10 November, 2020

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We will ask delegates to send a scan of a lung function report from the machine they use most often.

Course fee: £225

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Description - For those experienced in the use of spirometry in the workplace, this course employs wide-ranging real-life cases to cover the following topics:

- principles of spirometry in the occupational setting:

- interpretation and individual variation

- abnormalities and troubleshooting

- longitudinal measurements and screening

- health surveillance

- use in pre-placement screening/fitness to work.

Suitable for - Occupational Health professionals with a particular interest in spirometry, and its use in the workplace.

Accreditation - 4.5 CPD points (Faculty of Occupational Medicine) to be sought

** NB: Please note venue: **

Respiratory Clinical Research Facility

Royal Brompton Hospital

1st floor,* Fulham Wing

Fulham Road

London SW3

* up two flights of stairs, as it's above the Mezzanine Floor - lift available if required

Feedback -

"The case studies were very helpful. Lecturers were excellent. The greatest benefit was the opportunity to ask specific questions of the experts. The value of this access cannot be underestimated! Thanks"

"Very informative, professional and explained in detail. Lots of laughs and fun as well. Provided by people with real passion who are able to encourage others to excel in their role"

"Restored my faith in spirometry training courses that they can ‘move’ with the group – be interactive and not just presented from slides"

"It’s really perfect!"

"This is the 3rd study day I’ve been to here – definitely the best.  Clarified certain issues. Makes me think about my practice in different ways.  Learned a lot.  Case studies very good/helpful.” 

“Probably the best workshop study day I’ve attended.  Thank you.”  

  • Photo: Jo Szram presents to delegates