Practical session at a 'Lung Function Testing in the Workplace - Introductory Level' course

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Intermediate Medical Statistics

Category: statistical

24 June, 2016

Delegates on one of our Statistics courses

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Course description - One day workshop designed for those who undertake medical research and have good background knowledge of basic statistics (e.g. hypothesis testing, linear regression model, etc.). Course aims to demonstrate how to apply statistical methods in medical research, taking into account specific study designs and objectives.  Practical demonstrations of the statistical issues covered in the course will be provided using real datasets from clinical research studies.  This course is suited to researchers who have already an attended introductory statistics course.

Course fees (as stated above) - Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust/Imperial College: £175; other academic/NHS: £220; corporate/all other: £275. 

Suitable for - Those involved in medical research, including healthcare professionals and clinical researchers, with good background knowledge of basic statistics.

Accreditation - Please see 'Introduction' above.