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1 Aug 2013

Reliability and validity of the four metre gait speed in COPD

Kon SS, Patel MS, Canavan JL, Clark AL, Jones SE, Nolan CM, Cullinan P, Polkey MI, Man WD.

1 Aug 2013

Better value digital health: the medium, the market and the role of...

Reynolds CJ. Better value digital health: the medium, the market and the role of openness.

1 Jul 2013

Book chapter: Respiratory Disorders

Madan I, Cullinan P.

1 Jul 2013

Occupational egg allergy in an embryological research facility

Jones M, Skidmore A, Glozier N, Welch J, Hunter AS, Cullinan P.

1 Jun 2013


Cullinan P, Reid P.

1 Jun 2013

Health-related quality of life in rural children living in four...

Stöcklin L, Loss G, von Mutius E, Weber J, Genuneit J, Horak E, Sozanska B, Danielewicz H, Cullinan P, Heederick D, Braun-Fahrländer C; and the GABRIEL study group.

31 May 2013

Book chapter: Occupational asthma in the baking industry

Cullinan P, Sigsgaard T, Merget R.

1 May 2013

Consumption of unpasteurized milk and its effects on atopy and asthma...

Sozańska B, Pearce N, Dudek K, Cullinan P.

1 May 2013

Obliterative bronchiolitis in fibreglass workers: a new occupational...

Cullinan P, McGavin CR, Kreiss K, Nicholson AG, Maher TM, Howell T, Banks J, Newman Taylor AJ, Chen CH, Tsai PJ, Shih TS, Burge PS.