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Silvia Colicino


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Biostatistician; Postgraduate Research Student

National Heart and Lung Institute (Imperial College London)


Main Project

'The application of Bayesian Machine Learning for the prediction of allergic respiratory disease in later childhood’ - funded by the MRC via the University of Manchester up to the end of 2016; and by the Colt Foundation for the duration of 2017.

Research aims

My project aims to develop and compare flexible, predictive models for atopic and non-atopic late childhood asthma using statistical methods within a Bayesian-Machine Learning framework. Particularly, the mission is to explore the risk assessment of asthma associated with environmental and clinical risk factors, and evaluate an individual’s risk of persistent or recurrent asthma in later childhood and adolescence. This will allow me to better understand the mechanism of respiratory disease and predict its natural progression and potential remission.

Conferences and Events

Imperial College London

  • Biostatistics in Public Health invited by University of Milano Bicocca (2016). Importance of biostatistics in PH describing the roles of biostatisticians
  • ERS International Congress (2016)
  • Occupational Lung Disease – keeping up to date (2015)
  • 8th UK and Ireland Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Meeting (2014)
  • Linux for HPC (2013)
  • Computational Methods for Massive/Complex Data (2013)

Institute of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Helmholtz Zentrum Medical Center

  • 13th Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Spring School (2013)

Harvard School of Public Health

  • Multilevel Statistical Methods: Concept and Application (2012)