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Jennifer Canizales presents at the 'Colt Research Day', London

16 January, 2018

Jennifer Canizales was one of eight Colt-funded and -supported students invited to present their research findings at the annual Colt Research Day, held on 16 January. 

In her presentation, entitled 'Laboratory animal allergy: A changing world', Jennifer outlined her work on a novel point-of-care diagnostic test for occupational allergy. 

As previously, the day was held at the Gordon Museum of Pathology, based at King’s College London.  A number of colleagues attended, and found it a very enjoyable and instructive event.  It was fascinating to exchange ideas with researchers in similar fields. 

Further details on Jennifer's work – including the SPIRAL study, and work done on identifying airborne allergens – can be seen in research projects

- The Colt Foundation considers applications for funding high quality research projects in the field of occupational and environmental health, particularly those aimed at discovering the cause of illnesses arising from conditions at the place of work. The Trustees are especially keen to fund research that is going to make a difference to legislation or working practices.  See The Colt Foundation for further information.

An image from Jennifer's presentation can be seen above.